Frequently Asked Questions

Genesis All-Cellular Window

What is the anticipated performance data for the hung and casement?

DH tested DP-50 / Air .08 on the all welded version / .15 on Mechanical Thermal U-.26 / dual glazed, low-e argon... .22 if you use 2 low-e's Triple available, not yet simulated.

Construction of a twin casement (join two casements together since there isn't a high fixed?)


Is there a clip system to hold a casement sash in a fixed position thus avoiding hardware costs to create a fixed window?


Is hot air bending of frames and sashes possible?


Accessory groove?

Royal 7900 Series

How is drainage punching accomplished? Punch, drill or router? Best method?

Yes you can punch, we are doing that now / can drill and route too

Mechanical fasten option?

Frame and sash can be built in a Mortise & Tenon version

Glazing options?

Set for 3/4" and 1 1/8" any beads in between could be done

Size limitations?

Yes, but to be determined

Cellular Vinyl colour

White 136

How are sashes reinforced if needed?

There is a piece of aluminum that screws to the underside of the exterior rail if needed at 44" x 60" reinforcement was needed to get to DP-50